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18 September 2010 @ 10:23 pm
Kuroshitsuji II: Episode 12 Rant  
Alright so I feel like making a post about the final episode of Kuroshitsuji II because it needs to be discussed (and I feel like doing it now since I semi-rewatched it with my brother just now).


So first of all I want to say that everything from here on out is going to be said IMHO which means that I do not in any way wish to insult anyone if they disgree with me. We're all entitled to our own opinion, so if you liked the ending or found SOMETHING good about the ending, you are more than welcome to feel that way. I actually would encourage you to comment if you DO disagree since I am really interested in other opinions.

Now that THAT is said, let me get on to the point.

I hated it. Absolutely hated it. Let me back track all the way to before the second season even started and even further still to the ending of the first anime season. I didn't like that ending either BUT... it was logical for the way the anime had gone astray from the manga. So when they mentioned a second season, everyone was more than perplexed at what they could possibly do after an ending where supposedly Ciel's soul was consumed by Sebastian.

Of course, that wasn't the case. But still, the staff announced a bit more about the second season stating there was going to be a new butler and master. WHAT? Many fans were displeased by this news, worried that their beloved Ono Daisuke Sebastian and Ciel were going to be completely out of the picture. BAD. Despite this horrible possibility, fans still eagerly awaited the second season to start as did I.

Fast forwarding a bit, I would like to say I was very pleased with the second season as it was airing. I found Alois to be more disagreeable than Ciel (since I now have a high dislike for him after what happened at the end of the Circus Arc in the manga) which is actually a good thing since it lets me appreciate Ciel more for not being such a slut (the slutness factor and the high increase of underage yaoi will be discussed at a later time). Claude I liked very much for not only being similar to Sebastian, but for being very different at the same time. I feared that Claude was going to be far too much like Sebastian which would cause Sebastian's appeal to be, well, less appealing. Sakurai Takahiro is also very much agreeable.

So the second season was going very well for me. I liked the increase of darkness and the more mature atmosphere. All was well until the last few episodes came to air. What the fuck was going on. I dont know. I honestly dont think the staff knew what was going on either. I'm going to stop at episode 11 for a moment to just let everyone think about why the hell Sebastian and Claude even bothered with the maze. I dont understand. They're demons. Capable demons. Why go through this maze? Maybe I missed something, but I really dont think I did.

OK so I finally get to the main discussion. Episode 12. What. The. Fuck. Sebastian and Claude must battle.... fine I'll take that. It had to happen eventually since they both were pinning so hard over Ciel's soul. Claude gets defeated by Sebastian. Fine. I wish the battle was more... interesting though. Claude gets killed because he slips on the crumbling rock. Thats... kinda really lame for a demon 8| I overlook this for more fuckery happens soon after.

Hannah plunges into the water with Ciel, revealing that what Sebastian was fighting for the past few episodes and what he had been raising to be the best meal a demon could ask for was gone. Sorry, Sebastian, no soul for you despite all your hard work. At this point, I feel incredibly bad for Sebastian. Yes, he is supposed to be a character whom is neither a good guy or bad guy, but man I really did wish he could get what he was working so hard to get. He had to become a butler for a human brat! And he not only gets NOTHING, but he also gets something much worse, a curse as he himself says he is bestowed.

Ciel is a corpse to him. Ciel is now a demon. What. How does that even work? I dont understand, but thats not even what really gets me. What really gets me is how RIDICULOUS that turn of events is. Ciel is a demon for some reason, and he doesn't even care. He's all, whatever lol I'll just be the same as always but this time I'll wear dark clothes and shit teehee. And then theres Sebastian...

POOR POOR SEBASTIAN. GOOD GOD ANIME WRITERS YOU MAKE ONO DAISUKE HAVE TO SUFFER ALONG WITH HIS CHARACTER. If none of you caught it, you can hear the absolute sorrow and disappointment in Sebastian's voice at the end whenever he speaks. It is heartbreaking to see such a strong, clever, and sexy character be stripped of everything he was and left with... that. He is Ciel's butler till one of them dies. Why? Something or other about the contract they made. God being a demon sucks.

And it ends with them jumping off into... the... abyss? Whatever. At this point I'm just staring at the screen with my mouth open hoping that what I just saw was a cruel joke. Hey, who knows, maybe they will come up with a third season claiming that everything that happened was a dream. Could happen... right 8/

I did mention talking later about the increased BL situations in the season but I honestly dont want to get into it. It was definitely more hinted at in this season which DISPLEASED me greatly since I for one am not interested in a 13 year old getting it on with a demon who just wants to have a tasty soul to eat. I didn't mind the very short-lived ClaudeSebastian moment in episode... 6? Finally some age appropriate implied sexual tension. Of course this pairing is kind of out there, but as Tania and me think, its a crack pairing you just can't ignore lawl


And that is that. I know I kind of... took way too long with that but if you stuck with me... why? lol xD I REALLY wanna hear what you guys think about the ending/the season as a whole/etc. so please comment!
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Momoju: C.C. wut facemomoju on September 19th, 2010 03:19 am (UTC)
You know what baffles me even more than the ending? Is that Yana (creator) was the one that suggested it... OTL.

I do agree with you about Ciel turning into a demon, it seemed so fanfiction-y to me and it made little sense about HOW he was able to turn into one... But then again I feel like Ciel can't really be blamed since Alois was the one that did not want anyone to be able to get his soul... and I doubt Ciel /wanted/ to become a demon anyway. But yeah, I do feel bad for Sebby >: He worked so hard to get his prize but now it's like more void than ever D: loll. His job as a butler ends when he gets Ciel's soul... and now he can't get it ;_;. Though I'm sure somehow he would be able to eat it if he could just to get out of the contract. I kinda remember Hannah saying something about demons having souls, but I can be mistaken x:

Overall I feel like the scriptwriter didn't want the anime series to be like: ciel's alive --> ciel's dead (kinda) --> imma bring ciel back to life --> ok imma kill ciel again, it would feel... like a waste of time in a way? Like "I went through all that just to kill you again" (Though I feel like that would be okay too for Ciel to end with what he contracted LOL). Idk it's hard to explain.

It's like a whole mess... LOL I feel it's so messed up. Sebby can't get what he was craving. Ciel can't meet his end of his contract because another contract totally screwed him over. They both get the short end of the stick. But in the end, I feel like Yana probably choose it for the fans in a way? Like certain fans wanting Ciel and Sebby to end up together... and BAMM they end up together all right; for a loonnng ass time >:.

Clever in a sense... but I just remind myself ANYTHING (my goodness) can happen in anime :'D loll. And it was pretty entertaining for something non-canon.

Lucifer Taichou: szayel's shoeslucifer_taichou on September 19th, 2010 03:35 am (UTC)
Yana suggested it? God I didn't know that. I AM DISAPPOINT YANA-SENSEI!

But I do agree that she probably went that route to please the fangirls if the increase in BL situations were any indication. Now Ciel and Sebastian can be together for eternity or whatever! YAY!

Me: 8|... y-yay...... 8|

Ugh, I just hope something like this doesn't happen in the manga 8/
lostdonutlostdonut on September 19th, 2010 04:35 am (UTC)
yeah... I pretty much had a "wtf?" moment through out most of the end....
I was very very disappointed in the fight...
it was like... nothing really happened and bam, one of them died at the end of it.
I suppose its not realli a fighting series...... so I can't really expect godly action, but it was still lacking.

Although I do admit, I did not saw the ending coming.
I kinda just thought Sebastian will get Ciel's soul in the end and disappear to whatever he'll do afterwards.

Now I have an extreme dislike for Alois...
but the last few eps raised my opinion of him... just a tiny tiny bit.
I actually feel a little sorry for him instead of just plain dislike.

In that sense, Claude dropped a bit in my book =/

That lady Hannah is still creepy till the very end >.>
date_masamune69 on September 19th, 2010 11:16 am (UTC)
thinking about it again is making my soul crying ;A;

you heard it too? ono D disaproved the shit through sebastian with this sad tone or may be annoyed tone?

wtf ciel will end up a demon with sebastian as his butler forever when in the manga he is still alive and with his soul still eatable by sebbby?

that is making everything just a nonsense, and what happened to those who only watch the anime?they will understand NOTHING!

first the end of the first season sucks then when i saw new character i thought they wil create a new story with them only and when i saw sebby i was happy so i watched but i feel like my time got raped now :(
toastweasel on September 19th, 2010 11:09 pm (UTC)
This is why I've avoided the 2nd Season of Kuroshitsuji like the plague. My friends had managed to convince me it wasn't so bad and I was going to start watching it but....suddenly, I don't want to.
Lucifer Taichou: szayel's shoeslucifer_taichou on September 20th, 2010 12:47 am (UTC)
Well thats the thing, I think the season as a whole as alright... its just the last few episodes that are really... retarded.