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25 October 2010 @ 08:23 pm
Sengoku BASARA: The Rambling Edition  
See without a meme I've become boring and have nothing to say...

I need to go into the city again for some magazines, I'm lacking in seiyuu eyecandies... and other things but mostly that. I might go sometime this week but its annoying since I can't park my car at the train station on weekdays 8/ MAHMAH

I've been playing Sengoku BASARA 3 for the past week and I've finally unlocked all the characters and played everyone's story modes at least once. It says Im only about 35% done with the game... lawl. I'm not an intense gamer, just a casual one so I know that I'll never get to 100% completion. For now I am content with what I've completed so I'm stopping for the time being to return to my internet/friends.

So to get the rest of my Sengoku BASARA binge out of my system, I'm gonna write a review for the non-Japanese PS3 version of the game since thats what I have. I wish I could play original japanese versions but I dont know the language well enough nor do I succeed in actually getting the games to work on my system cause I FAIL (bricked my Wii once before and said NEVER AGAIN).


So I have the American release since I am an American herp derp. "Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes" is the official name since we failed with the first Sengoku BASARA (Devil Kings you piece of shit) and didn't bring over the other games because of its failure. However they decided to take Sengoku BASARA 3. Why? Honestly I think it is a combination of the success of the other games in Japan as well as the popularity of the anime. This is a tough hurdle to pass for the American release since its a sequel to something not released here. Will people buy it? Will people be satisfied with it or will they just end up confused by the story line? So of course in order to rectify a fraction of those worries they renamed it Samurai Heroes rather than sticking with 3. I understand this decision and I wont complain about it.... except fuck you America, you should have never royally FUCKED UP THE FIRST ONE D:<! You completely ruined everything in the first game, made it sound so childish and STUPID... I'm sorry you thought us Americans are absolutely retarded and wouldn't be able to keep up with the Japanese names/history.... ugh.

So yeah leaving "Devil Kings" behind, we have "Samurai Heroes". Everything important is kept in the American release of SenBASA 3 except there are a few problems... as I expected.

It was obvious they were going to have english VAs take roles because Americans hate anything but English.... except thats not true at all and it makes me rage since the English is always so SHITTY sounding compared to the skills of the seiyuu. Anyway, one things that I think the American release (and all American releases for that matter) should have is the option to switch to the original seiyuu track. I know Castlevania: Judgement had this option and I was so thrilled to be able to hear those voices rather than the incredibly retarded sounding english. American VAs dont have the skill, its like they dont care enough about their roles to ACT. Ugh it makes me so annoyed.

HOWEVER, I will say that in Samurai Heroes, there were a few voices that I thought were actually pretty decent.... but I think thats only because I had to listen to them from the very beginning rather than hearing the seiyuu first and then listening to the english. Of course the characters that are from the previous games and anime are roles I've gotten to know through their seiyuu, but I must say that some of the choices aren't terrible. The guy who does Date is also the guy who does Dante from the latter Devil May Cry installments which I think works since the two of them have a similar personality (and name OTL). Though to quickly comment on Date's english voice, it really is a shame that his reverse-weaboo way of speaking really cannot be translated no matter what you do. So either way he's always going to be better when Nakai is his seiyuu. Period. With that being said, I honestly think that his english VA was the best we could get so I'm satisfied enough.

I could go on to analyze the other voices but Im not going to since there are quite a few characters in the game. So I'm going to transition to that actual words that were translated from Japanese to English. I have one major issue here. Their names. Yes, they are the same names (THANK YOU GOD! YOU'VE LEARNED YOUR LESSON FROM DEVIL KINGS' DISASTER, AMERICA! GOOD FOR YOU! have a cookie 8|) Except all of the characters refer to each other by their given names.... ugh. I really dont like that at all but it figures since the guys doing the translations were probably all "we dont want to confuse them with the whole family name first thing so lets just change how the characters refer to each other!"..... 8| This changes not only what we hear but it also changes how we perceive how the characters interact with each other. I understand that translating honorifics is really hard to do without making things sound weird but.... couldn't they have left them in? They're not confusing... at least I never thought they were. I suppose "danna" would be a problem so they had to translate Sasuke's usual way of referring to Yukimura. And of course Yukimura's way of referring to Takeda since "OYAKATA-SAMA" is definitely not a term english speakers would readily recognize and would probably confuse it for an actual name 8|... I mean I understand that some things have to be translated since most english speakers are not accustomed to Japanese phrases/terms, but I can still be disappointed 8< THIS WOULD ALL HAVE BEEN SOLVED IF THEY JUST GAVE THE OPTION TO SWITCH TO THE SEIYUU HURUMPH >:I

I'm already talking too much so Im moving on to the plot. This game does NOT do well as a stand alone game. The plot and characters are not given enough background from the previous games so anyone who has never heard of Sengoku BASARA is going to be extremely confused. If they picked up the game without knowing where it came from, I can see them immediately putting the game down after a little while simply because there is so much background that seems to be missing... even though technically its not missing, its just in the other games that America failed to release here... properly. However since I am a person who is well informed in the Sengoku BASARA-verse, I understood everything and everyone one for what they were and could play the game without any lingering questions. Lucky meeee. The lovely Karin (HI KARIN! 8D *waves*) is playing the game without extensive knowledge of the series and said that she was a bit confused but still found the game entertaining... so maybe the gaps in information aren't as bad as I perceive them to be *shrugs*

OK STILL TALKING TOO MUCH moving on to things that America didn't fuck up, as in the design of the game itself.... I am displeased that Sasuke and Kojuro are NPCs 8| DISPLEASED! I figure they cant afford to have so many playable characters but... 8< sadface. I also found it a bit strange that neither Kenshin or Kasuga are playable either... but I suppose the point of this game was to move along from the time that they were major players in the Sengoku period... or something. I dont know enough about history so I'm going to pretend I know what I'm talking about lol Anyway I feel like some of the characters they have playable could have been swapped out for Sasuke and Kojuro.... whatever I suppose I'm just super biased towards them as characters >3> lol

The design for the map, though very nice to look at, is confusing 8| When you're looking at the map of the country to see who are in control of what areas, there are only colors and not names so you need to figure out the colors by process of elimination which is more work that it sounds since there are a lot of colors D8 I figured it out relatively soon but it's still an annoyance that could have been remedied with a simple color chart.... if there is one and failed to see it, then lawl i fail but I dont think there is one.

Another confusing thing is the history of the paths you've taken during story mode... its just a bunch of lines with circles 8| it tells you absolutely nothing and is pretty useless. If you really want to know if you've taken a certain path before, there are little red checks next to the paths you've taken when you're choosing where to go during story mode. So yeah, useless and just makes things confusing.

And now for a final personal grievance (sort of spoiler? it really isn't important but if you dont want to read anyway then skip this paragraph)...... Oda's stage at Honno-ji with the soul-sucking-machine-of-doom.... FFFF SO ANNOYING D:<!! That stage is like absolutely impossible.... for someone like me lol In this stage Oda is revived and uses this thing (forgot what its called so whatever) to suck the souls out of sacrifices that are in the camp commander platforms that you find throughout the game. His aim is to successfully extract 4 of them (4 out of... 7 I think) so that when you fight him, he will revive 4 times once you kill him. It is like... impossible to stop him from getting only 2. I got it down to 3 once and for me that was amazing and I was proud of myself (I should have gotten a fucking trophy for that shit!). I suppose that maybe if I were to have a more powerful character with a lot of speed that maybe I could get it down to 2 or maybe even only 1 but omg.... one of the most frustrating levels ever for a casual gamer. You do get a special reward for defeating Oda when he has all 4 soul... tube things but fuck that shit its hard D8 especially when you only get 4 health things and your characters aren't that strong.


Well shit I wrote a lot.... sorry >3> I'll just shut up now (comment away if you read all that!)
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Cavallone Decimo: gya~ Dinothehpobsessor on October 28th, 2010 05:35 pm (UTC)
The reason why english dubs sounds so awkward in comparison to that of any other country, to be honest, is because each voice actor records their own parts on their own, by themselves in individual recording sessions. They read their own lines, they feel the "emotions" alone. Basically? They can't play off of each other and make it seem like NATURAL interactions are happening. (That's why japanese sounds a lot better-- all the actors are in one giant room, with their own microphones and are able to follow each others dialogs.)

It really doesn't have to do with "skill from a seiyuu", but more along the lines of WOW AMERICA. YOU STUPID. :l It's like imagining someone practice for a musical, but you never actually practice together until the day of the first performance. (... /rant)

It DOESN'T work as a stand alone game. I'm confused as fuck. XD Like I still have no idea what the fuck is going on, but HEY. FIGHTING MINDLESSLY WITH HOT MEN IS OK WITH ME

Whoa~ You mentioned my name! *hi back~*

The game is fun, and it's been rated... poorly all around the US because everyone is like WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON I DONT UNDERSTAND. Not saying its a TERRIBLE game or anything... but it's slightly repetitive. "Oh look, go run around defeating bad guys until you find the guy in the CABIN LOOKING THING. DEFEAT IT. Keep finding those until you find the BOSS of that level. Lather. Rinse. Repeat" It's the same gameplay for every level. EVERY. :l

It's fun though. XD I'm not much of a gamer. BUT I DIGRESS. I need to start reposting on my LJ but right now just isn't the time, I suppose.

I dont have anything else to say. Nice review and now I'm going to work on cosplay like I said I would O: