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06 October 2010 @ 08:26 pm
life raging  
Today was pretty shitty 8| I woke up feeling terrible (though seriously, that's nothing new and pretty much apart of my every day routine) and had to go to a career fair that I KNEW would just be a waste of my time. It was. And more of a waste of my time than I had actually thought.

First it's held at a college that isn't close to my house at all so I had to drive about 40 minutes to this place. I get there and immediately have no idea where on the campus this thing is going on nor can I find where to park that wont possibly get my a fine for parking without a permit. It took me an hour to figure out that the sign that was pointing to one side of the road was BULLSHIT and that the career fair was actually on the other side of the turnpike. Joy. I get there with ease after figuring that out and park right in front.

I get inside the building and there's a guy directing people to where we needed to go which actually wasn't necessary at this point since there was pretty much only one way too go in that building. That guy would have been more help standing on the divider along the turnpike shouting at cars 8| Anyway, I get in there and see that there are like only a hand full of companies there. The only companies I could possibly even attempt to work for were like... um none of them. Most of the representatives there were just spewing out information you could read on a web page and obviously didn't plan on hiring anyone. I honestly would not be surprised if they took all the resumes they got and just tossed them at the end of the day. Also, they seemed to be more geared towards older folks who already have careers... not a place for someone like me.

So I stayed there for like a half hour before throwing my resumes in the air and saying FUCK IT I'LL BE A HOBO.... well not really but I did leave. Got home at about 3PM. I had left the house at 11:30AM. I was gone for 3.5 hours and what did I gain? NOTHING but a bigger headache and a very empty stomach (didn't eat before leaving since my dad was rushing me).


sorry if you read that since... well the .gif explains all. I've been raging a lot lately... most of it gets put on facebook so feel lucky LJ friends who dont have me as an FB friend, you only get some of my rage lol

NYAF/CC is in less than 2 days... I should probably figure out what Im doing exactly lawl 8U
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